Ivey Energy and

Resources Club

Our Mission

To prepare the next generation of leaders in energy and resources through mentorship, research, and community 

Who Are We?

Our members are encouraged to publish articles, produce research reports, and engage with industry professionals. The IERC network spans a wide array of sectors such as O&G, mining and renewables

We warmly welcome new interests and expertise!

What we Provide



Industry primers

Equity research


Seasoned executive team

Educational workshops & events


Pro bono analysts 

Engaged club alumni

for Ivey Students

Equities Research

Members of our equities team develop quarterly reports on energy companies and contribute to weekly bulletins summarizing new developments in the energy industry.

Articles & Research

 The articles team develop reports outlining long-term industry trends and new technologies. Members will work in small teams, often directly with a club executive.

Speaker Series

IERC hosts regular panel discussions and keynote speeches from industry professionals. These events provide members with new perspectives on energy and valuable networking opportunities. 


Through speakers, current club members, and the IERC alumni network, there is a broad network of industry professionals available to network with junior members.  

for Corporate Partners

Pro Bono Analysts

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