The Lithium Transition KM.pdf

The Lithium Transition

Author: Kevin Meng

As demand for mobile energy storage systems grows, lithium extraction methods are rapidly developing to better align with environmental standards

The Future of Nuclear is Tiny DPerera.pdf

The Future of Nuclear is Tiny

Author: Damien Perera

The US is shrinking its nuclear fleet in a time when clean baseload capacity is needed. What gives?

Is Copper Really the New Oil JW.pdf

Is Copper Really the New Oil?

Author: Jimmy Wang

Strong copper prices have been supported by "post-pandemic" activity, causing investors to ask: what's next for the base metal?

Ontario Electricity System Primer.pdf

Primer: Ontario's Electricity Grid

Author: Armin Buijs

A primer on Ontario's electricity grid. Included is a review of key market players, conservation initiatives, supply/demand dynamics, and recent sector trends

The Opportunity Offshore KK JM.pdf

The Opportunity Offshore

Author: Kevin Kacvinsky & Jacob Mukosiej

What is driving offshore wind and how might it lift our green energy transition?

Whats Happening with Hydrogen JSkuy.pdf

Hydrogen for Clean Energy: "Mind-Bogglingly Stupid" or the Key to a Sustainable Future?

Author: Josh Skuy

With most hydrogen currently being produced from fossil fuel sources, what role might green hydrogen play in decarbonizing energy systems and & industrial processes?

Paris Agreement in 2021 Blog Post (vF).pdf

The Paris Agreement in 2021: Leading an Irreversible Green Transition (Blog Post)

Author: Armin Buijs

The Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre hosted a panel event in June 2021 to discuss global challenges and advancements surrounding the Paris Agreement. This blog post provides a brief overview of significant events and key points of the discussion. View the event recording here


A Recipe for the Clean Energy Grid.pdf

A Recipe for The Clean Energy Grid

Author: Armin Buijs

This article takes a look into small modular reactor technology and the role it will play in distributed energy grids. A dive into the uranium mining industry also highlights some key threats and opportunities that have risen out of the pandemic.

Where are Hydrogen Cars.pdf

Where are the Hydrogen Cars?

Author: Oleksandr Feoktistov

Oleksandr considers the technology behind fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and explores the factors limiting their uptake. An emerging market for zero-carbon fuels is creating a renewed interest in the use of hydrogen to power tomorrow.

Reconsidering Growth.pdf

Reconsidering Growth

Author: Owen Thurston

Canadian exploration and production (E&P) companies can evade volatile and high commodity prices by adding utility-quality renewables into their portfolios. This article explores how such a shift might be achieved and offers case studies that support the strategy.

A Hundred Billion Dollar Problem.pdf

A Hundred Billion Dollar Problem

Author: Faizan Asim Basharullah

Canada's freshwater supply is threatened by aging infrastructure, high contamination and severe overconsumption. This article considers how pricing frameworks might solve the "Hundred Billion Dollar Problem."


A Clean Slate.pdf

A Clean Slate

Author: Will Moncrief

What are yieldcos? Why did the 2015 bubble burst? And how might yieldcos bounce back to make renewables more competitive against other energy sources?

Inter Pipeline vs LyondellBasell.pdf

Inter Pipeline vs LyondellBasell

Author: Gabrielle Gregg

This article contrasts two large types of polypropylene (a component of plastic packaging) producers. Inter Pipeline Ltd. is a Canadian midstream energy company and LyondellBasell is a diversified chemical company with petrochemical production assets. This article compares their respective risks and projects.

Vermillions to be made.pdf

Vermillions to be Made

Author: Aleem Virji

Despite fluctuations in natural gas prices, Vermillion Energy remains an attractive investment opportunity due to its derivative strategies and asset diversification.