The Ivey Energy & Resources Club educates and prepares students for success in energy and natural resources industries. At the Analyst level, our focus is placed on preparing you for a career in energy and natural resources (power & renewables, metals & mining, oil & gas). At the General Member level, we help you develop an understanding of all relevant industries. We do so through three methods:

Research Publication

Analysts are encouraged to create at least one article about a thought-provoking company or industry trend that interests them. It is then distributed through our channels and sent to Ivey Alumni; past articles have helped members gain recognition and assisted them through the recruitment process.

Events for Ivey Students

Speaker series/panel event to get members and analysts more involved in Canada’s energy & NR sector. A focus is also placed on ESG reporting and methods of including sustainability into leadership decisions.


Mock interviews with a focus on technical prep, resume review, and general recruitment preparation

Please contact us if you are interested in joining or working with the Ivey Energy & Resources Club

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