Ivey Energy and

Resources Club

Our Mission

To prepare the next generation of leaders in energy and resources through mentorship, research, and community

Who Are We?

Our members are encouraged to publish articles, produce research reports, and engage with industry professionals. The IERC network spans a wide array of sectors such as renewables, mining, and O&G

We warmly welcome new interests and expertise!

What we Provide



Industry primers

Equity research


Seasoned executive team

Educational workshops & events


Pro bono analysts

Engaged club alumni

for Ivey Students


Members of our analyst team conduct research on any topic within the energy & resources space that interests them. Their work is published across our channels and distributed to our corporate network


Executives are in their HBA 2/3 year at Ivey. They are instrumental in setting the club's vision and working with analysts to maintain our position as Canada's leading undergraduate energy & resources club

Developing Responsible Leaders

Members Will be Actively Engaged with:

Sessions on ESG Reporting

Training on Lifecycle Assessments

Research on Energy Policy

for Corporate Partners

Pro Bono Analysts

  • Our team has access to market research tools and academic journals

  • We can assist with any projects, including corporate presentations and investor reach-outs

  • If you are interested in setting up a meeting, please contact the presidents directly

Receive Updated Publications

  • Released semi-annually

  • Mix of industry primers, articles, and equity research reports

Meet the Team

  • Our members are well-versed in technical and industry-specific concepts (ie interpreting feasibility studies, annual/sustainability reports)

  • We are excited about and have experience working in a broad range of industries, such as startups, financial services, consulting, project development, and more

  • If you are interested in meeting the team, please contact the presidents directly